Supply Chain Talent Gap Big Opportunity for Trained Professionals

In an article in Supply Chain Management Review, Kusumal Ruamsook and Christopher Craighead of Penn State predict some big changes in the supply chain talent market. In a nutshell, Ruamsook and Craighead see four supply chain trends coming together to create a talent crunch in the near future:

  1. Demand for talent in the supply chain is increasing.
  2. Experienced baby boomers are retiring.
  3. The skills required to be successful in the supply chain profession are changing.
  4. There may be a shortage of supply-chain focused business faculty.

The article is well worth a read regardless of whether you’re a supplier or consumer of supply chain talent. If you run a business that relies on effective supply chain management—that is, almost any kind of business—this report should make you nervous. But if you’re a supply chain professional who is willing to stay engaged and keep learning, this report should make you salivate.

As qualified, adaptable supply chain professionals become harder to find, those who can do the work and do it well will begin to reap greater rewards. How can you become such a person? Simple: keep learning. Stay hungry. Stay engaged. Look for any opportunity to broaden your knowledge or to gain insights into a new technology. Subscribe to trade journals and follow tech blogs. Consider whether an advanced degree in global supply chain management would be a good fit for you.

When the “perfect storm” hits, it will create momentous opportunities for those supply chain professionals who are ready for it. Will you be one of them?